30 March, 2016

Reflecting back on March!

Reflecting back on March
Well, what a month March has been! I feel like it's gone super quickly because I've been so busy and had so much going on. I'm hoping April will be a bit calmer!

So here are some memorable moments from March:

  • I left my job and started a new one!- I was a Front of House Manager in an office building but now I've moved on to become a Facilities Specialist... which basically means I help to run an office and do a lot of admin work. I'm really enjoying it so far, so hopefully that will continue!
  • I had a week off!- In between jobs I had a lovely week off which was my first week off since August 2015, so I definitely felt it was deserved. It went super quickly but I really relaxed and it was so lovely.
  • I met Jess!- One of my best blogging friends who I've been talking to for over a year, we finally met and hit up Choccywoccydoodah which Dan has made me promise I will take him to next! 
  • I've spent a LOT of time working on my blog- I've mentioned a few times now that I'm taking some time off of my blog so I can concentrate on my new job, but I've been working extra hard over the past few weeks so that you won't notice I've gone anywhere! There are a few less posts per week than normal, but I'm still uploading regular content! :)
So I'm hoping that having a month off of blogging and baking will give me time to really relax and concentrate on my new job and I'll come back full of new ideas *I hope* haha! 

What are you looking forward to in April and how has your month been?

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