05 April, 2016

Baking Equipment 101 | The Basics

I've written a lot of tips posts on baking and cake decorating but one of the main things I struggled with when I first started was what equipment I actually needed to get.

So many times I would read recipes or blog tutorials where they mentioned all of this equipment that I just had absolutely no idea what they were on about or how I used it.

I thought in order to help any of you who also wonder the same things, I'd write a few posts on what a beginner needs for baking. If these are popular I might do some more in depth ones because I know a few people read my blog who are a bit more advanced, so we'll see how these go!

Note: Just saying that I'm still not an expert, but these are things that help me and will hopefully help you! 


The tools I'm going to suggest today are the very basics... i.e, if you want to make a very basic cake. I'll go through fondant tools and piping tools in the next posts!

Basic Baking Equipment

Mixing Bowl
A mixing bowl doesn't have to be a gorgeous one (although it helps right?!), it just needs to be big enough to put all of your ingredients into for you to use. I'm in love with the Mixing Bowl I had in my giveaway last month though! My mixing bowl above is from Mason Cash, it's new and I adore it!

Basic Baking Equipment

Cake Tins
Obviously you're going to need something to bake your cakes in! I have a range of cake tins in different sizes and shapes (you can find the ones I use regularly here), but to be honest, if you're starting off all you need is one 8" cake tin.

Basic Baking Equipment

Spatula or Wooden Spoon
You'll need something to mix your cake with! You can use a spatula or a wooden spoon but personally I use both- a wooden spoon to mix with (if I'm not using my mixer), and then a spatula to spoon the mixture into my cake tin. Spatulas are much easier to use when you're spooning your mixture into a cake tin!

Basic Baking Equipment

Measuring Scales
They don't need to be fancy but you do need a way to measure your ingredients! I got mine from Wilko and they're super pretty and only cost £6!

Basic Baking Equipment

Stand Mixer
Unfortunately, this is the most expensive item on the list. However stand mixers don't need to be hugely expensive (this is the one I have) and you really don't need a Smeg or a KitchenAid mixer if you're just starting out but they are good to have. If you're happy to mix by hand then you could put this off for as long as you'd like, but be warned that more difficult things like Macarons need a firmer mix that unless you are Superman/woman, you may not be able to give!

Look into them when you feel like you need them and maybe get a basic- or start off with an inexpensive hand mixer!

Basic Baking Equipment

Flour Sifter
Not necessary but does make life a LOT easier when it comes to sifting flour. Mine is an inexpensive one from Wilko's but does a great job- it's also good for spreading flour before rolling pastry etc.!

So these are the pieces of basic equipment I would recommend. Like I say, I'm no expert but these are the things I use on a regular basis.

Next Thursday's post will be on the equipment you need for using fondant icing!

Let me know if this post helped you or if there's any equipment you think I've missed!

Basic Baking Equipment

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