28 April, 2016

Baking Equipment 101 | Cake Pops

Over the past few weeks, I've been writing tutorials on what equipment is useful to have for basic baking, using fondant icing and piping icing.

This week I thought I would share what equipment I find useful for making Cake Pops!

Again, please note that I am NOT an expert but these are just some tips I hope you'll find helpful! 

Basic Cake Pop Equipment

Cake Pops Mould
Some people like to make their cake pops by baking a cake and then crumbling it up and making balls out of cake crumbs. Personally, I find this method harder so I prefer to use cake pop moulds! It's also easier to make different shapes as you can buy all sorts of moulds! I use the Sweetly Does It moulds, here and here.

Basic Cake Pop Equipment

Cake Pop Sticks
Because you'll need something to hold your cake pops! I love these ones which are super cute but you can buy really cheap ones from places like Wilko that will do just as good a job!

Cake Pop Holder
I got one of these for Christmas and I must admit it makes life so much easier! When you've finished decorating your cake pop, you can put it into the holder to dry and it stops them getting smudged or whatever. My one is here although you can make your own out of polystyrene if you want a cheap solution!

Basic Cake Pop Equipment

Melting Pot
These make melting chocolate or candy melts a doddle. The Wilton Cake Pop holder above comes with a melting pot, but I also bought another from Lakeland for just over £3.

Basic Cake Pop Equipment

Cute Cake Pop Holder
This is one of those things that really aren't necessary but are good for display purposes, you can get cute cake pop holders to pop them in to take photos of or for parties. Mine is from Wilko and was super cheap!

If you make cake pops, what equipment do you find useful? Let us know in the comments!

And also, please let me know if you're finding these posts helpful- I really hope you are!

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