14 April, 2016

Baking Equipment 101 | Fondant Tools

Last week I wrote a post on the basic equipment you need for baking. Hopefully you found that helpful, so this week I thought I would move into the basic tools you need for using fondant icing!

Basic Fondant Equipment

Rolling Pin
You'll need one of these to roll out your fondant in the first place. I have a big one currently as it's easier to roll out fondant for covering cakes but I do need to invest in a small one for when I'm rolling out smaller bits of fondant for cupcake toppers etc. You can find my one here.

Basic Fondant Equipment

Marzipan Spacers
I only learnt about these recently but I'm including them in this post because I really wish I'd learnt about them earlier! These spacers basically help you to get the correct thickness of fondant. Put them either side of your ball of fondant and then roll out to the desired size. Once your rolling pin is rolling onto the spacers, that means your fondant is at the desired thickness for cake covering! I found mine here.

Basic Fondant Equipment
Basic Fondant Equipment

Once you've put your fondant onto a cake, you'll need a smoother to smooth it out. Didn't see that one coming did you? But this is actually a vital tool as it helps you to get rid of any bumps or smudges in your fondant. You can also use two, one to smooth the top while the other smooths the sides. There are two types of smoothers, both of which are good but I find the best type is the straight edged smoother. You can find mine here.

Basic Fondant Equipment

Fondant Tools
If you're looking to make cupcake toppers or figurines, these tools will help you to do so! Each tool does a different effect. I won't go through that now, but most tool kits will tell you what each tool does. You can find my set here.

Basic Fondant Equipment

Cutters are good for cupcake toppers or cake toppers. You can find all sorts of cutters, I used leaf ones for my Autumn Cupcakes and Daisy ones for my Spring Cupcakes. You can find butterflies, hearts, so many different types of flowers and all sorts for amazing cake toppers!

There are a million other tools like moulds and embossers but these are just the very basics- the ones you would need to cover a cake with fondant or make a fondant figure.

Hopefully if you're thinking about using fondant then this will have helped you! Let me know if you can think of anything I've missed!

Next week I'll be listing tools that will help you with piping buttercream or royal icing!

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