21 April, 2016

Baking Equipment 101 | Piping Tools

Over the past couple of weeks, I've been talking about what basic baking tools you need and what basic fondant tools you need. I really hope you've been finding them helpful and I'm back today with a list of tools you need when getting into piping icing!

You may remember my tutorials on using buttercream icing and royal icing, well this is going to go through what tools will help you get the most out of your icing.

Basic Piping Equipment

When I first started baking, I thought there would only be a few nozzles but oh my god was I wrong. There are SO many types of nozzles and they all do different things (my review of Sugar & Crumbs' Nifty Nozzles is here if you want to see a completely different kind of nozzle!). My advice is to buy a nozzle set like this one that I use, which gives you the essential nozzles.

Piping Bags
With those nozzles, you're going to need piping bags! There are two different types of piping bags- the reusable kind and the non-reusable kind. When I first started, I was like "well, clearly reusable ones are the way forward because it saves money!" but now I really prefer to not use them. Yes, they are cheaper but they're also SUPER hard to clean and that creates a bit of a hygiene problem. And for me who is so afraid of germs, I can't be dealing with that! But it's up to you, use whatever you find easiest.

Basic Piping Equipment

Piping Bag Holder
Without one of these, spooning icing into a piping bag is a bloody nightmare. These are a godsend because they keep your piping bag propped up and open which means putting icing into the bag is quick and easy. The one I use is here but sadly has been discontinued!

Basic Piping Equipment

Icing Bottles
I use these for icing biscuits with royal icing. Because they're so small, they're super handy and allows you to keep a steady hand when you're icing biscuits, so I think they're perfect. They only have small nozzles so you probably wouldn't want to use them to ice cakes, unless you're icing decorations like pearls etc. I use these ones!

Those are my favourite and most useful tools to use for piping icing, but please feel free to add any of your favourites into the comments below! Let me know if you're finding these posts useful, I really hope you are!

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