09 April, 2016

The 90's Tag

My good friend Jess from Cake Crumbs and Pages recently tagged me in the 90's tag, which as a 90's kid myself I am SO excited to do. Probably a bit more excited than I should be, but let's do this!

1. Favourite Disney Film? 
Beauty and the Beast which came out in 1991. The 90's was a really good era for Disney though, they had loads of amazing films in that decade!

2. Favourite Music Artist? 
Steps. I adored the heck out of them. I had all the albums, the posters, the board game (Yeah I can't believe they had one of those either) and I even had my hair cut to look like Claire. Good times.

3. Favourite Sweets?  
I don't really like sweets but I used to love Flumps, the marshmallow thing. Ugh, I'd like one of those now actually- anyone know if they still do them?!

4. Favourite Game? (Board game / school game) 
My favourite board game was Dream Phone. PLEASE, someone tell me they remember this. It was the funniest game ever, you had this huge pink phone and you had to work out which boy fancied you and it was just so cringy. You'd call up a "boy" and he would say things like "I know where he hangs out!... It's not at the park" and you had to work out which of the boys on the board it was. The best worst game ever.

As for school game, me and my friends used to love Cops and Robbers and I was always a cop. I liked being the good guy. Then one day my friend Tom decided that cops and robbers was SO yesterday, so he created the revolutionary game- Runners and Chasers. Which was cops and robbers, except you were either a runner or a chaser. See? Revolutionary. We were astounded by his brilliance and it became our new favourite game.

Also shout out to Ms Morley our old headmistress- no one has forgiven you yet for getting rid of the tyres we used to play in in the playground. NO ONE.

5. Favourite McDonalds 'Happy Meal' Toy? 
I used to have a big trunk full of Disney toys and some of my favourite ones were the toys you got out of the Happy Meals. They did amazing toys!

6. Favourite Book? 
I'm not sure if this was the 90's, it probably wasn't but I was obsessed with a book called The Frog Princess when I was growing up, which actually was later adapted into the Disney film The Princess and the Frog.

7. Favourite Clothing Store? 
I loved GAP as a child, I really did. My sister and I had matching jumpers and thought we were super cool.

8. Favourite TV Show?
I loved Arthur when I was growing up, I watched it every day after school and I really think I could sing you the theme tune right now if you asked. Feel free to ask.

9. What Show Would You Watch After School? 
Oh, well I just answered this so that's awks.

10. What Was Your Favourite 90s Game Show? 
Catchphrase. I'd be SO good at Catchphrase, I really need to apply.

11. Did You Own A Virtual Pet? (Cyberpet, Tamagotchi etc) 
I do remember having a tamagotchi but not very well :(

12. Favourite Video Game and System To Play On? 
I loved my Sega. I had a Little Mermaid game and I was obsessed with it. I also had these cool little handheld consoles of Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King, does anyone remember those?

13. Weirdest Fashion Trend? 
I once wore pink jeans and a pink top and a pink jean jacket. Oh yes. Also does anyone else miss wearing shoes that light up when you walk?

14. Favourite Toy? 
I adored my Baby Annabelle. A doll that breathed and cried and was like a real baby?! Count me in! My niece plays with her now when she visits my Dad. I also loved my Sylvanian families and Barbie's and my Disney dolls.

15. Favourite Nickelodeon Show?
I loved Hey Arnold! from Nickelodeon, but I never had the channel or anything like that.

This was so much fun, and I really hope you enjoyed learning about my life back in the 90's!

I tag Kirsty and Jess. I can't wait to see your answers, they're going to be so funny I can just tell!

What were your favourite things in the 90's?

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