01 April, 2016

The Disney Princess Tag

I've seen this tag floating around a lot of blogs lately, so I thought I would try it out myself! I actually don't remember where I last saw it, but if you've done it before please feel free to pop your link in the comments for others to read!

All images are from Disney Screencaps

Which princess do you adore the most?
 Belle is my absolute all-time fave. She's smart, beautiful, kind and caring and I've always loved her. When I was growing up, my favourite Princess was Ariel but as I grew up I grew to love Belle!

Which princess do you like the least?
It's not that I DON'T like her, but I relate the least to Merida I would say. Brave didn't draw me in as much as I thought it was going to and although I like the film, it's not in my top 10 or anything like that.

Which princess do you relate to the most?
I'd probably say either Belle or Rapunzel. I've always dreamed about going on an adventure and I love books (like Belle) and drawing (like Rapunzel).

Which sidekick do you wish you had?
I adore Flounder, I'd love to hang out with him. Although I'm a fraidy cat too so we wouldn't do much. I would also choose Pascal or Lumiere.

Which best friend would you want to hang out with?

Which prince would love you?
All of them. Wait, that's not an answer? Well then hopefully the Beast/Prince Adam.

Which parents would raise you?
I mean, there's not many parents to choose from is there? But I like Rapunzel's parents so we'll go with that. FYI, my dad really reminds me of King Triton. Hey Dad, if you're reading.

Which castle do you want to live in?
The Beast's castle. That library!

Which town do you wish you lived in?
Arendelle looked cute didn't it?! I loved that.

Which dress do you wish to own?
I've always loved Aurora's peasant dress when she is Briar Rose. I can't explain why, I just think it's beautiful. Ballgown wise, I'd have to go with Anna's Coronation Day dress, even though normally I don't like green!

Which voice do you wish you had?
Well, I do a pretty good Ariel impression. At least I used to when I was a teenager, I don't know if I still can!

Which two princesses would be best friends?
When I was growing up, I used to have loads of Disney dolls and I used to pretend that Cinderella and Aurora were best buds. Ariel and Belle also got on really well. Haha!

Which two princesses do you think would hate each other?
I'm pretty sure Merida would hate Snow White because of the whole "waiting for a Prince" thing.

Which two sidekicks would make a good duo?
Hmm... I feel like Crickee and Pascal would make the CUTEST duo!

Which two princes would be best buds?
Aladdin and Flynn would be such good friends I think! They have similar personalities and backgrounds.

What scene makes you cry?
So many. But the scene from Tangled where *spoilers* Flynn/Eugene nearly dies always gets me.

What scene makes you cheer?
Every happy ending. And the one where Anna punches Hans.

What scene makes you cringe most?
I hate hypnotism, it creeps me out, so any scene in Aladdin where Jafar hypnotises the Sultan. Blech.

What story do you wish was your life?
This is kinda hard because they all go through a lot. I'll go with Belle because I'd like talking objects to talk to!

Which movie do you love the most?
Beauty and the Beast. Hands down.

I tag Danielle, Jess, Jess, Hannah and Becster to do this tag if you haven't already, I feel like you'll be good at this!

Now I'm off to go binge watch all of the Disney Princess films!

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