01 May, 2016

Reflecting back on April

Reflecting back on April
April has been a bit of a weird month for me because I took a month off from blogging. Not completely, I had blog posts scheduled and I still wrote a couple like my fitness updates etc., but I didn't worry too much about it because I knew everything was done and I could just concentrate on my new job and my personal life.

It was really, really nice. I love my blog and I love having blogging and baking as my hobby but as I said in my recent life update I put a LOT of pressure on myself to make sure that I put out good content that you guys enjoy and sometimes it gets a bit too much, so it was nice to take a break.

But now I feel like I'm ready to dive back in, although I have learnt from this break that it's good to have time for me too, so I think I'll continue only doing things with my blog at the weekends rather than every evening after work AND at the weekend. It's good to take time to relax!

I've been at my new job for a month now and I've settled in really well. Everyone's really friendly and it's nice to enjoy going to work again rather than dreading it every Sunday night like I was before!

So here are the highlights from April:

  • Dan and I visited the Lego Store in London- because Dan wanted a Lego set. True story, he paid for us to go to London just so he could go to the Lego Store. 
  • I went to a wedding- A family friend of ours got married and we attended the evening part of the wedding which was really nice!
  • I lived frugally- is that the right word? I didn't get paid from my new job until a few days ago and so I had to cut right back on everything, which was actually in a weird way quite nice. It taught me that I CAN live without Starbucks & Costa every day and I CAN be bothered to bring lunches to work. Maybe I can continue to live like that so we can save quicker for a house! 
  • Dan and I have been living together for TWO years! - Although at my mum's house, we've now been living together for two whole years. We really should have saved up to move out by now haha but visiting Walt Disney World twice was just a bit too hard to resist. But now we're properly saving!
So that's my April! May should be a good month, it's Dan's birthday at the end of the month so we will be doing something fun I'm sure! I've also got some posts coming up that I'm really excited about, I think you'll love them!

How has your April been? Let me know what you've been up to below!

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