25 May, 2016

What I learnt from budgeting for a month

What I learnt from budgeting for a month

Last month, I had to really restrict the amount I spent. The cut off point for payroll on my new job was before I started which unfortunately meant I didn't get paid until the end of April. Luckily, I had just enough from my last job to pay off my bills, but it meant that I had to be super strict with what was left!

I thought I would share with you guys what I learnt from having to live on a strict budget last month:

1. I can live without Starbucks or Costa!
It's true guys, I can live without them! Instead of buying a coffee on my way into work, I just wait until I get into work and make myself a coffee then. Sure it's not as nice as a White Chocolate Mocha but it still wakes me up and I still enjoy it! I've even carried this into this month to help me save money, I just have the occasional one as a treat.

2. I can still bake a lot even without buying new stuff!
Although, I received a lot of vouchers from my old job as a leaving present for Amazon and used them to buy a LOT of new baking stuff. But I already have so much fondant, icing, food colourings etc., that I managed to make lots of stuff without even needing to buy anything!

3. Making yourself eat homemade lunches at work is hard.
Every day I would take lunch in and look at it and think "I don't want this..." and it was so hard not to go out to Pret or M&S and buy lunch. But it made me get more creative! I took in soups, sandwiches, wraps, all kinds of thing so that every day was a little bit different. Pinterest helped me a lot with this!

4. If you write down what you spend, you realise how much crap you buy! 
I bought my budget book from Paperchase ages ago and didn't really use it, but lately it's been my best friend! And the thing is, you buy silly little things for yourself without really thinking about it but when you do actually look at it- I was spending so much money on snacks and food that most of the time I wasn't really eating!

5. You won't budget properly until you have to
I've said so many times that I will save and budget- but I never do. Until I was forced to! I really think that until you really put your mind to it and actually WANT or NEED to budget, you won't do it. So if you're trying to save, try and think super hard about what you're saving for and how much you want it. If you truly want to save, it'll be much easier to give up those purchases like coffees!

What are your tips for saving? Do you find it hard to budget? Let me know in the comments!

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