01 June, 2016

Reflecting back on May

Reflecting back on May

In last month's reflection, I talked about how I had had a bit of a blogging break and that I felt super refreshed and ready to dive back in.

Which I really thought was true.

But turns out, I wasn't so refreshed. The problem was, I hadn't really had a proper break from my blog, because I was still making sure that the posts I'd written for April while I was "away" had tweets scheduled, facebook posts scheduled, pins scheduled, comments were being replied to, emails checked...

And so when I "came back", it was a little bit like I hadn't been away. I just hadn't written a blog post in a month, but everything else was the same. All my energy was still pretty drained and I kinda dropped the ball and had a proper blogging break, which is why at the beginning of this month, I only had 1 post out. 

In my old job, I never had anything much to do so spent a lot of my day writing blog posts and doing all the other admin that comes with having a blog. In my new job, I just don't have time to do that so I have to spend my weekends or evenings doing it- but sometimes I just don't want to.

I put a LOT of pressure on myself about this blog and I forget sometimes that this is just a hobby. And like with my other hobbies, sewing, reading, baking, drawing - sometimes they have to take a back seat while you enjoy life. 

So I guess what I'm saying is, bear with me. At the beginning of this year, I set myself a blogging goal of writing 5 posts a week every week, but that hasn't happened and I don't know if that will always happen. But I'll still be here and this blog isn't going anywhere, I just may not be as active as I used to be. And that's okay- I'd rather put out less posts that are good quality rather than more posts that are bad quality! 

Anyway, after that ramble, if you're still here- here are my highlights from May:

  • My fitness is officially back on! - I've finally started to shed some pounds, so fingers crossed the only way is up from here! 
  • I've been trying the Low-FODMAP diet to help my IBS symptoms - you can see my post on my first month of doing it here. 
  • Dan and I went to Legoland! - Dan's birthday was last weekend and we had the best day in Legoland, there will be a post up about it soon! 
How was your May? Let me know in the comments- I literally can't believe we're halfway through the year already, it's crazy! I should start saving for Christmas!

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