Welcome to Cakey Dreamer! 

In November 2014, I watched a video on Craftsy showing some basic cake decorating tutorials and thought "that looks kinda fun!". I tried it that weekend and was hooked instantly on trying out different recipes, designs and techniques to create gorgeous looking cakes.

One month later, in December 2014, I set up this blog to showcase my newfound love (and hopefully talent) of creating cakes and bakes and to hopefully pass on that passion to others and give them the tools they need to start baking.

But then my love of blogging grew, and so did my blog. Now you can find Fitness, Disney and Lifestyle related posts on this blog!

So whether you want to learn how to cover a cake with fondant, look at some yummy cakes, find out where the best restaurants in Walt Disney World are or even just want to read someone's fitness journey, you're bound to find something on Cakey Dreamer you'll enjoy reading!

Want some more information about me?

I'm a 23 year old pretend Princess living in Hampshire, UK. I have a pretty huge Disney obsession and suffer heavily from the Disney blues most of the time. 

My fiance Dan proposed to me in the Be Our Guest restaurant in Walt Disney World and now we're saving for a mortgage and after that a wedding! We own a Dalmatian called Lady who we treat very much like our daughter.

About Sian/Cakey Dreamer

I work as a Facilities Co-ordinator for an IT Software company and before that worked in Corporate Reception, Hotels and Retail.

Over the past year I've become really into fitness and now love running and working out. I wish the 13 year old Sian that dreaded P.E every week could see me now!

If you want to find out more, visit my Contact Me page and send me an email! 

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